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You Will Find More Choices for Products Online Than You Will Find in Brick and Mortar Stores

Department stores have a little bit of everything. However, if you want to see the greatest selection of any particular type of product, it is your specialty stores that really shine in selection. You can get things such as rugs in any department store. You can find more choices in a building supply store. You can find even more at a rug store. However, if you are looking for the biggest selection of rugs for sale, I would say that an online store gives you the biggest selection possible. The brick and mortar stores have limited space to show products. Plus, products that are not selling well are usually dropped from inventory because every square foot of retail space needs to be earning money.

Going online to look for rugs for sale lets you see the biggest variety of types, sizes, colors, textures and more. Continue reading

Garage Door Trench Drain Clogged with Silt

We have a low spot in our driveway. There is a drain that runs the length of the garage door. It stops rainwater from gathering at the door and flooding into the garage. After a heavy rain the other day, there was a lot of water in the garage. The drain at the garage door was draining slowly. We called a place that does drain unclogging in Hudson County, NJ to come out and clear it. They had come out last year to clear the sewer line of our house that was running slow. We have not had any troubles with it since their visit.

I had noticed over the last year or so that water was building up higher in the trench basin drain in front of the garage door. It is a long channel that is the entire width of the big garage door. It is about eight inches or so across, and it is about six inches deep. There is a pipe at one end that all the water goes into that the drain catches. Continue reading

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Did Your Fellow Provide a Great Reason For No Longer Texting You?

In the event that a pal asked an individual to calculate precisely how many texts a person send within a few days, what would certainly a person point out? What concerning in some sort of day, or even in a great hour? At this point that anyone recognize precisely how much a person truly employ it, we all think it may be safe for you to say that will texting is the actual most frequent form involving communication right now. If you may have ever recently been consistently texting the guy along with all associated with a abrupt he simply stops giving an answer to, don’t allow your ex-girlfriends fool a person by informing you he or she probably will not have his or her phone, does not necessarily want to text, or even doesn’t verify his messages a great deal, simply because this individual does. Maybe they’re here in order to tell an individual that whenever most men stop giving answers to you most together, they will have the reason. The idea could become one, that could always be all – but in this article are a few reasons precisely why a guy stops texting all of a

Modify Yourself and Therefore Improve Your Connections

You must really like a genuine friend, one that can tell you “just like it truly is.” You have experienced a separation with your sweetheart. When an individual were to poll your pals, there are no uncertainty that presently there are usually a few amid them who’d look at you and clearly let you know honestly that you are better off without that person. It could be that the guy didn’t consider you properly. Perhaps he cheated on you. It could be that he happens to be merely a loser for the most part that, irrespective of his particular excellent looks, was prepared to lie about all day long and execute online games and even allow you to accomplish virtually all of the meal prep, washing and even funds generating.

Nonetheless, reason seldom makes its way into directly into love. The actual issues in the heart are apt to have their own personal music, and therefore, it is not uncommon for someone to find herself in the situation associated with having separated with the dude that she really views is really the love regarding her lifestyle. In the event the woman knows for certain that she really needs the guy once

The Wedding Engagement Shoot

fgThe engagement shoot is something overlooked by many wedding photographers and I think they are missing a trick!

It’s all very well getting a booking to shoot someone’s wedding and that can be the hard part for many, but in reality, your work has just begun!

Shooting a wedding isn’t simply about the photography aspect of the business, it is about planning, preparation and people. Even if you are a good people person and find it easy to relax with anyone, that doesn’t mean to say it will be the same for all the couples you will meet.

In fact, in my experience, the complete opposite is more commonplace.

Many people have only really ever had their photos taken by family or friends in a very relaxed and comfortable environment. When you bring a professional photographer into the mix, people tend to cram up thinking that they need to act or pose in a certain way.

It is your job as a professional, to put them at ease and make the whole experience a fun thing for them instead of a chore. One way to do this is by

Wedding Photography Tips A Case Study

ddCoping With the Pressure of Photographing a Large Wedding

Wedding photography is without a doubt becoming harder in many respects.

First of all, more and more photographers are looking to break into this industry because:

  1. It can be very lucrative
  2. To a degree, you are in control of your days and how much you work
  3. You get to visit and shoot some wonderful locations
  4. You get to meet and have fun with all sorts of cool people
  5. You can let your creative urges run wild

This means in order to make it work, you are battling with many wannabe wedding photographers that may well be setting up in your area…on your patch.

Secondly, as technology evolves and people start to place more trust in that technology, there are a lot more “Uncle Bob’s” available to shoot your wedding for a fraction of what a professional would charge.

The trick is convincing the couple that this could be a costly mistake whilst explaining why you charge what you do.

In order to try and compete with all this, since around 2006 I have been slowly adding video services to my top packages. For any

10 Vital Tips for Wedding Photographers

55From family politics, to logistical challenges, you’ll be expected to capture the happiest day of a couple’s life in stunning images which capture a couple’s connection, while remaining an unobtrusive presence right at the heart of somebody else’s celebration.

Get the perfect shots and your clients will be able to enjoy the memory of their special day for decades. Get it wrong, and you’ll tarnish happy memories of a romantic occasion. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds.

Whether you’re about to embark on your first wedding photography gig, or are already getting started in the profession, these 10 tips will help you get perfect shots and not step on any toes…

1. Talk to your clients

It might sound simple, but this really is the most essential part of your job. Getting to know the couple and understand their characters and taste will help ensure you get the perfect look for your images. Take some time to look through a range of wedding photography styles together and ask the couple to point out things they particularly like and dislike

Destination Wedding Photography

fA Lucrative Business That Requires More Preparation

Destination Wedding Photography Tips – I am hardly the most qualified person to harp on about destination weddings but recent events have prompted me to write this article. This year, I have shot weddings in the UK, Spain and Italy so maybe I am a “little” qualified.

Destination Weddings – Why?

First of all, why would you want to shoot destination weddings? Fun? Fame? Fantasy?

I think one good reason would be the increasing saturation of wedding photographers in and around your area. There are so many wedding photographers sprouting up now it is getting harder to compete.

Secondly, you may just want the buzz of travelling and working abroad…nothing wrong with that but when it comes to destination weddings in unknown territory, you have to be prepared.

One reason for me is the desire to travel and see new places and get paid along the way. All being well I get to take my family with me too. If I end up coming home with a few pennies and we have had a great holiday paid for by a couple of days work…brilliant!


Wedding Photography Guide For Brides

10Wedding Photography Guide for Brides – I’m sure you already know that choosing the right wedding photographer is just as important as choosing the right groom. Just kidding. Getting the right photographer is important, but there are lots of things that YOU can do to ensure that your wedding photos are as good as they can be.

Wedding Photography Guide for Brides – Pre-Wedding Photo shooT

Having a pre-wedding photo shoot can improve your wedding pictures more than anything else you might do. Think about it, your photographer is VERY comfortable on his end of the camera. The time you spend with your photographer in front of the camera will help you become more comfortable being the subject.

Try to get to know your photographer. Have fun. Be crazy. Let’s face it; those “magazine bride photos” that you have been looking at do not happen all by themselves. They are well planned, rehearsed, and the photo that you finally see in the magazine was probably picked from hundreds of photos. The more time you spend with your photographer, the more likely it is that he will capture

Keeping Your Cool at Weddings – The Wedding Photographer

5gA Wedding Photographer Plays a Large Part in a Wedding, Keep a Cool Head Always

Keeping Your Cool at Weddings – So, it is a hot day anyway, you have spent weeks preparing for this wedding photography shoot, you have met the couple once or twice, you have visited the location once or twice, you have meticulously cleaned all your kit twice and finally charged all the batteries to the hilt!

You then arrive at the bride’s location on the morning of the wedding only to be turned away because she is stressed and “nowhere near ready”.

First piece of advice…don’t take it personally!

When this happens to me I just think…”Ok! You are paying (or have hopefully paid by now) the bills” and I head off to the church to get the next set of shots.

Throughout the rest of the day you start to wonder if they have it in for you…

  • During the ceremony the world and his wife shuffle around, even up at the front of the church, with their new digital cameras firing wildly. The couple walking back down the aisle at the end of the

A Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography

9Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography – Essential Equipment

  • Two camera bodies that share the same lenses
  • Two flashes (strobes) plus cables, etc.
  • 28mm Wide-angle prime lens, or 28mm-70mm zoom
  • 50mm standard lens F1.8 or even better F1.4 for low light situations
  • Not essential, but handy for candids and from back of church images is a 75mm-300mm zoom lens or similar
  • Twice as much film as you think, or minimum of two large capacity (250MB – 1GB) digital storage cards depending on your camera
  • At least twice as many batteries as you think you will need
  • Two white reflectors
  • Diffusion (soft-focus) filter
  • Red filter (for black & white only)
  • 85c warming filter for grey days
  • Tripod for formal photos
  • Lens hoods to control flare

Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography – Planning the wedding shoot

You must have a timetable to work from, or you will fail miserably.

You must always remember:

  • The Bride is never on time
  • Cars are sometimes late arriving
  • Ministers will often talk for longer than expected
  • Traffic may be chaotic
  • Something may have been forgotten somewhere

Murphy, being the Patron Saint of Wedding Photographers, will no doubt ensurethat if anything can go wrong, it will, and usually at the most inopportunemoment. Allow for

Amateur Wedding Photography Tips

8Basic Wedding Photography Tips for the Amateur

Amateur Wedding Photography Tips – Since I have been using the internet over the past 4-5 years, I have come across many photography sites, some quite excellent and some that are quite honestly abysmal.

The danger with the internet is that when a “photographer” with a newly built website, is possibly someone who has just taken up photography, bought themselves an overly expensive and professional camera and then maybe stumbled across a great photo or two!

They then learn how to do a few tricks or manipulations with editing software such as Photoshop and “Da-Naa” they are a professional photographer.

I wouldn’t want to put anyone off this great hobby, past-time or vocation, but it is extremely important to establish the credibility of the individual giving out the advice and amateur wedding photography tips, PARTICULARLY when it comes to wedding photography.

I have occasionally read amateur wedding photography tips and advice from sites on the net that really wouldn’t pass muster as being from a wedding photographer, as not once did I see the words professional or professionalism. Anyone can click away with a top end digital camera at a wedding, but to do it correctly, in sequence, with

The Camera Phone

33The Camera Phone With Video, Worth Upgrading To?

In the past we have considered adding a section devoted to your camera phone to ATP but felt the resolution and popularity of most mobile phones with cameras didn’t justify it. Now however, most mobile phones being manufactured include a high quality camera and video feature as well as all the other goodies that they pack into mobile phones these days.

Do you use the camera much on your mobile phone? Do you use the video? How important would you say the camera feature is when buying a new cell phone camera? Please share your thoughts, ideas and images at the bottom of this page, we would love to hear from you!

We will start to incorporate camera phone photography into ATP now that they have better:

  • Resolution
  • Flash
  • Mega-pixels
  • Quality
  • Ease of uploading images to the web
  • Focussing
  • Tracking
  • Video
  • Face recognition
  • …the list goes on

So it may be time to start looking into how to take better photos with your camera’s phone.

Because these mobile phones and their cameras are so incredibly portable, we are seeing a huge surge of images being taken at venues that:

  1. Don’t allow traditional cameras
  2. Are generally not suited for bulkier cameras

Camera phones are

Time Lapse Photography

7Great Fun, Very Worthwhile But A Lot Of Work!

Time lapse photography is when you take a series of photographs at intervals of more or less the same exposure and frame rate, and then stitch them together to make a short video.

For example, you have probably seen footage of flowers opening super quickly, clouds flying across the sky or ice melting really fast?

This can be great fun and quite challenging so why not give it a go!

You will need a tripod to keep the camera in exactly the same position throughout, unless you are really creative, and it needs to be very stable. You will need enough memory on your card to hold a large number of images and you also need to work out the timings for your shoot.

How long do you want the finished time lapse photography footage to be…5 seconds, 30 seconds, a minute? Anything too long will not look right or could bore the viewer. Time lapse is meant to be short and sweet and show a world we generally never get to see other than in super slow, real time.

Let’s say

Winter Photography

32Winter Photography – Well, it is just a few days until Christmas and the Winter has really just hit Weymouth with a bitter chill…I feel so far away from my old home in the sun

One thing that played heavily on my mind when we decided to leave Spain was what would I shoot now the sun has all but gone? What of winter photography? I had been used to 300 days a year sun, beach scenes, happy people walking along promenades or browsing the shops with a distinct “holiday” feel about them.

I was used to popping on a pair of shorts, practically any day of the year, and setting off for a day’s comfortable shooting with fantastic light.

The cold is one thing that puts me off winter photography…my equipment (camera equipment please!) and hands get so cold it is hard to concentrate let alone be creative but I decided to brave the cold winds of the Jurassic Coast for a bit to see what I could find.

Something that struck me about the UK in winter is that there is a constant golden light when the

Cleaning Camera Sensors

2Learn To Look After Your Camera’s Sensor and Clean it Only When Necessary

The truth about cleaning camera sensors…maybe!

Disclaimer – The nature of this article does in no way mean that I condone the repetition of its contents. Nor do I suggest for one minute that anyone copies my actions, this is just to alleviate some of the unnecessary panic and stress when faced with a dirty sensor…its not that bad!

I am by no means an expert and the reason I am writing this short article for All Things Photography is not to make any recommendations or suggestions but simply to point out a few facts and mistakes to avoid.

So to start – The Dirty Sensor – How does it happen?

Many believe that leaving the camera switched on when changing lenses causes the electronic “charge” to act like a magnet and attract dust that way. I am not so sure about this as the mirror and shutter should be closed anyway therefore preventing any dust being attracted to the sensor during this time.

The most obvious reason is probably due to lack of care and attention. Taking the lens off in a clean, wind-free environment is your

Always Have Your Camera Ready

tAlways Be Ready To Photograph The Unexpected!

Always Have your Camera Ready – One way that I got myself noticed and remembered when we moved the photography business to mainland Spain was to always carry my camera everywhere!

Not only does this let people know you are serious about what you do, it also sticks in their mind that you are a photographer. The main reason for me though is that you never know what you will see or experience on your travels!

Have you ever thought “Damn! I wish I had my camera!”

Not only may that image you get be useful for your website or blog but it may well be in demand at a news agency or even be a top seller for a stock photography agency!

When you finish a job or get in from a long days shooting, get into the habit of charging your batteries straight away, emptying the CF cards, formatting them and cleaning the camera and lenses.

Have everything ready, neatly put away in your camera bag or rucksack, and have it ready to pick up and go…mine stays by the door of the office.

I have

Digital Camera Cleaning and Maintenance

4tIt is too easy to come home after a days shooting, whip out the memory card, have a play with your new images and forget all about maintenance of your kit.

If you are like me, anything new that I buy over time (car, motorbike, watch, glasses etc), get cleaned immaculately at least once a day. Then after a few weeks it falls to once a week or so and then just “on the odd occasion” or when they look really dirty.

Because photography is my livelihood, I have to physically make myself grab my camera bag, go and sit somewhere quiet and take a good half an hour to an hour after a shoot to clean every piece of equipment that I have used.

This kit has cost thousands and its cleanliness has a direct bearing on the quality of my images and the longevity of its use. Not only that but as I upgrade my equipment, I may want to sell on my old cameras at the best price.

These are the checks that I make;

Digital Camera Cleaning and Maintenance – Lenses

Obviously take great care when cleaning the glass,